Shutterstock’s latest challenges

This is Stock Photo Insight call #2 discussing Shutterstock and their latest challenges. On the call were Paul Melcher of Kaptur, Lee Torrens of Microstock Diaries, and Amos Struck of StockPhotoPress.

Scott Braut

Scott was previously VP of Content at Shutterstock, and this month was announced as Head of Content at Adobe. Scott has a lot of high level knowledge – as we saw on the last Microstock Expo. Other positions in the content team which were also vacated in recent months are also yet to be filled.

Shutterstock (SSTK) Share price volatility

Morgan Stanley updated their rating for Shutterstock’s share price to $40. The price is currently $52.45 and hasn’t been at $40 since March 2013.

Exclusivity strategy

Shutterstock has accounted for half of the earnings for a large quantity of contributors over the past years. Leveraging that with an attractive exclusivity offer would have been successful at locking a lot of content out of the market, as iStock had done years earlier.

Adobe Stock advertising

Starting to spent on advertising to raise the Adobe Stock brand. Huge weight of the company in terms of both resources and reach could easily generate massive brand awareness in a short time – a serious threat to Shutterstock given Adobe is already better known.

Fresh Competition

  • 500px investment – $13M
  • Stocksy vs Offset – Stocksy announced 580% YoY growth since this time last year
  • GoPro entering the video footage market
  • EyeEm new markets and new capital raise
  • Pond5 raised $64 last year
  • Flickr new deal for Adobe discounts

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