Potential Challengers for Top Positions in the Stock Photo Industry

This is Stock Photo Insight call #3 discussing potential challengers for top positions in the stock photo industry. On the call were Paul Melcher of Melcher System, Lee Torrens of Microstock Diaries, and Amos Struck of StockPhotoPress.


Recent $18MM investment. Opened their marketplace in the US, UK and Germany – three of the biggest markets worldwide. 

Still relies heavily on Getty Images for sales, which are strong so far. Images are priced higher than microstock. 


Owned by the same owners as Inmagine for traditional, 123RF for microstock.  $20/month for unlimited downloads of wholly-owned content.  Launched with vectors but recently added photos. 

Videoblocks (GraphicStock)

New business model complementing a subscription to wholly-owned content with a contributor-fed marketplace that pays 100% royalties.

Soon to expand into photos.


Challenging the aesthetic of stock. Success metrics look good. Contributors extremely motivated and reporting high and rising sales. 


13MM series B raise.  Very specific look of imagery, more for wall art than commercial use – very narrow market. Some new hires of industry people. New lower pricing tier introduced last month. 


Speculated to go public, perhaps in 2016. 


Coasting for years; very dated website; possible acquisition target.  Not considered a challenger unless it’s acquired by someone who can inject capital and life into the business.