Introducing Stock Photo Insight, a new stock photography consulting service

(New York, NY, August 3, 2015). For Immediate release. Responding to an increasing demand for reliable insights on the stock photography market, the three top stock photography industry experts, Lee Torrens, Paul Melcher and Amos Struck, have officially launched Stock Photo Insight (, a consulting service providing calls with all three experts simultaneously.

In addition, Stock Photo Insight is introducing a one-question-by-email service where all three experts provide independent answers within 24 hours. ”For the first time, stock researchers will be able to get 3 expert points of view from a single written question, getting focused answers on specific points quicker.” says Paul Melcher, stock photo industry veteran.

The company will produce free monthly video calls discussing topical issues in the industry and how they impact the market, with emphasis on the dominant participants Shutterstock and Getty Images. These discussions will serve to keep investors and researchers updated while also demonstrating the expertise on offer.

Leveraging 40 years of combined industry experience, yet with varied specialisations, the service is designed to ensure the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts, providing an accurate, precise, fact-rich and knowledgeable picture of an industry rich in activity but poor in public data.

“After years of offering consultancy services separately – which we will all continue to do – we realize how much a time and cost saver it would be to offer our three perspectives in one call’ says long-time microstock analyst Lee Torrens. “ We can now offer a powerful solution for those seeking a full 360 view and understanding of the marketplace and its key players”.

“With our new service, says Amos Stuck, “we can now offer a level of understanding of the industry not previously available without running around to multiple, separate consultants. For an investor, it is the perfect tool”.

Bookings and more information are available on the Stock Photo Insight website:

About Three independent consultants, each renowned stock photography experts, bring together their diverse backgrounds to provide accurate, current and actionable information on the stock photo licensing industry for investors, researchers and business leaders.

About Lee Torrens: Lee Torrens is founder, consultant and industry analyst at, where he shares observations on the microstock business. He is also Co-Founder of Microstock Expo and Director of Stock Photography at Canva.

About Paul Melcher: Paul Melcher is currently a strategic consultant for visual startups, advisor and founder of Kaptur Magazine, the first online publication dedicated to the photo tech industry. He was listed in American Photo’s “100 most influential individuals in American photography.”

About Amos Struck: Amos Struck is founder and editor of Stock Photo Press, which operates several German and English-language stock photo magazines. He is also the creator of the Microstock Photo Plugin for WordPress and Co-Founder of Microstock Expo.

Shutterstock’s latest challenges

This is Stock Photo Insight call #2 discussing Shutterstock and their latest challenges. On the call were Paul Melcher of Kaptur, Lee Torrens of Microstock Diaries, and Amos Struck of StockPhotoPress.

Scott Braut

Scott was previously VP of Content at Shutterstock, and this month was announced as Head of Content at Adobe. Scott has a lot of high level knowledge – as we saw on the last Microstock Expo. Other positions in the content team which were also vacated in recent months are also yet to be filled.

Shutterstock (SSTK) Share price volatility

Morgan Stanley updated their rating for Shutterstock’s share price to $40. The price is currently $52.45 and hasn’t been at $40 since March 2013.

Exclusivity strategy

Shutterstock has accounted for half of the earnings for a large quantity of contributors over the past years. Leveraging that with an attractive exclusivity offer would have been successful at locking a lot of content out of the market, as iStock had done years earlier.

Adobe Stock advertising

Starting to spent on advertising to raise the Adobe Stock brand. Huge weight of the company in terms of both resources and reach could easily generate massive brand awareness in a short time – a serious threat to Shutterstock given Adobe is already better known.

Fresh Competition

  • 500px investment – $13M
  • Stocksy vs Offset – Stocksy announced 580% YoY growth since this time last year
  • GoPro entering the video footage market
  • EyeEm new markets and new capital raise
  • Pond5 raised $64 last year
  • Flickr new deal for Adobe discounts

Listen to the audio-only version: